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Textbook Adoption
Textbook Adoption Process
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OMSD is committed to providing the most up-to-date standards-aligned student textbooks and instructional materials to guide teaching and learning. All adopted textbooks/instructional materials are aligned with the California State Board of Education approved lists. Textbooks/instructional materials adoptions follow the state adoption process cycle. 

When adopting new student textbooks/instructional materials the following process is followed:

  • State approved instructional material list is examined and grade-span publishers are identified
  • District committee composed of teacher grade level teams, administrators, parents and community members is formed with the teacher group composing the majority of the committee
  • Development of evaluation criteria for the selection process is formalized
  • Grade level teams examine potential programs by using adopted criteria to narrow the focus to less than two publishers for in-depth examination
  • Grade level teams “pilot” the remaining texts for in-depth examination by utilizing a scoring rubric to assess program effectiveness
  • Scoring rubrics are tallied and consensus is reached relative to the publisher text to recommend to the Board of Trustees for adoption
  • Once Board approved, professional development is planned and implemented

The adoption process is a year-long, rigorous process that focuses on the explicit needs of OMSD students and staff. OMSD is currently preparing for our English Language Arts/English Language Development adoption. 

The timeline is as follows: 

Fall 2015:
Convene a Steering Committee made up of teachers, administrators and parents

Review potential recommended materials

November, 2015:
The State Board of Education adopts recommended list of textbooks

December, 2015:
OMSD Steering Committee identifies materials to pilot

Public review of materials

January-March, 2016:
Teachers pilot materials and submit input

April, 2016:
Steering Committee makes recommendation for Board approval

April-May, 2016:
OMSD Board takes action to recommend a program

Fall, 2016
Training of teachers Implementation of new program

K-8 Math Textbook Adoption

The community is cordially invited to review the State Board of Education’s approved K - 8 mathematics programs for the Ontario-Montclair School District. The programs will be available for public viewing on April 10, 11, 14, 15 and 16, 2014, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, at the Linda Vista Parent Education Center Multi-Purpose Room, 1556 S. Sultana Avenue, Ontario, CA 91761. Learning & Teaching staff members will be available to answer questions or you may contact Carol Cronk, Director II, STEM at (909) 418-6390.